This is the cause of emergence of Uban at a young age

Have you ever met someone's hair that began to turn white at a young age? don't be surprised. this is often natural considering there are various factors which will trigger the expansion of gray hair at a young age.

The following are various factors causing gray hair growth at a young age:

Hereditary or genetic factors
This is the cause of emergence of Uban at a young age

In some people, gray hair starts growing at a comparatively young age. this happens thanks to the influence of the person's genes which then become a determinant at what age gray hair will begin to grow.

Even thanks to genetic influences, an individual can begin to seek out gray hair between strands of hair when he was still 20 years old. The gene affects the loss of black pigment within the hair, therefore the hair appears white.

Melanin deficiency

Melanin may be a black or dark coloring agent commonly found in skin and hair. The more melanin within the skin and hair, the darker the colour of both.

But apparently this dark pigment agent are often reduced in number within the body. When the quantity starts to decrease, the hair also will begin to show white. the answer , confirm your daily nutritional intake is met, remembering that melanin production is extremely hooked in to the intake of those nutrients.

Hormonal imbalance

In addition to lack of melanin intake, hormones within the body also can be a trigger for the emergence of gray hair at an early age. When hormone levels within the body experience an imbalance, gray hair will appear faster.

To prevent this hormonal imbalance, lookout of your daily nutritional intake by eating a spread of green vegetables, fruit and fish.


Stress also can be one among the triggers for growth change at a young age. this is often because stress can trigger hormonal imbalances within the body. Hormone imbalance itself is one among the triggers for gray hair.

When these two factors complement one another , do not be surprised once you find several strands of gray hair adorning your hair, albeit it's still relatively young. Therefore, the maximum amount as possible stand back from stress in order that hair remains healthy.

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Be careful when using hair care products. Although the aim is to wash and treat the sweetness of hair, the merchandise seems to be one among the triggers for the looks of gray hair at a young age. Hair care products often contain chemicals that when used can actually trigger the expansion of gray hair.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

The growth of gray hair at an early age also can be caused by lack of intake of vitamin B12 (cobalamin). Not only can vitamin B12 deficiency cause anemia or lack of blood, but it also can cause the loss of pigment that darkens your hair.

To prevent this, meet the body's need for B-complex vitamin 12 by eating green vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs and meat.


Do you smoke often? If so, then do not be surprised when gray hair starts to seem albeit you're still young. This condition occurs thanks to your smoking habit which may accelerate the aging process within the hair.

The process of aging within the hair itself may be a natural thing to happen. But when the aging process occurs faster, then the results are going to be ready to affect the looks of your hair. Hair will lose melanin levels so it starts to show white.

A study with 107 volunteers has also proven the connection between smoking habits and therefore the appearance of gray hair at a young age.

Cigarettes can cause constriction of blood vessels. This condition can inhibit the spread of nutrients to the hair follicles. Though hair follicles require nutritional intake so as to take care of melanin levels. When melanin levels decrease, the hair will start to show white.

Lack of intake of foods rich in antioxidants

The appearance of gray hair may be a normal aging process. But when gray hair appears faster, this means a scarcity of intake of certain nutrients. one among them is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are needed by the body in sufficient quantities to stop premature aging.

Therefore consume food sources of antioxidants like green vegetables, grapes, and tea . Green vegetables like spinach can even help melanin production therefore the hair color can turn black.

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Certain diseases

Gray hair that appears at a young age also can be triggered by certain diseases. one among them is an autoimmune disorder like vitiligo. This disease occurs when the body's system , which normally protects the body from disease attacks, turns back to attack the body. It can even attack the hair therefore the hair loses its pigment.

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