7 Ways to stop Bad Breath When Fasting

Fasting is understood to possess many benefits for the body and health. However, one thing that's often a drag when fasting is bad breath, aka bad odors that begin of the mouth. Bad breath can reduce self-confidence and, most significantly , disturb the people around you.
7 Ways to stop Bad Breath When Fasting

What causes bad breath?
Bad breath is typically caused by certain bacteria that sleep in the mouth , which break down and destroy food debris into odorous gas or volatile sulfur compounds.

Bad breath can come from poor hygiene (cleanliness) of the mouth, dry mouth, smoking, certain foods & drinks, certain diseases, to the utilization of medicine .

You know, 85-90% of bad breath problems come from the mouth. the remainder comes from the nose and sinuses, digestive disorders, to the utilization of certain drugs.

Related to fasting, bad breath is usually caused by xerostomia or bad oral hygiene, to not mention if you've got cavities which will become a den of bacteria that cause bad breath.

When fasting, gastric sap continues to figure albeit no food is digested, and therefore the formation of ketones from burning fat by the body, the smell can reach the mouth .

In addition, thanks to not eating and drinking, the assembly of saliva (saliva) within the mouth becomes reduced and causes xerostomia . Without these bacteria-natural liquid-exterminators, the tongue and palate become a tract for bacteria, and cause unpleasant odors from your mouth.

Overcoming Bad Breath When Fasting
Then the way to overcome it? Here are some tips you'll do to stop and reduce bad breath when fasting:

1. Brushing teeth
Always keep your mouth clean throughout the day. within the month of Ramadhan, brush your teeth a minimum of twice each day , and do not forget to brush your teeth after eating the meal or before dawn prayers.

2. Clean the tongue
The tongue may be a den of bacteria within the mouth. due to that, do not forget to wash your tongue. This you'll do employing a special tool / brush to wash the tongue. If you do not have it, you'll use the soft brush a part of your toothbrush. Gently rub the surface of the tongue to wash the plaque and bacteria that stick with your tongue after eating a meal.

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3. Using mouth cleaning fluid
If necessary, you'll use mouthwash after brushing your teeth, to assist fight bacteria and freshen your mouth.

Drink many water outside of fasting time to take care of body hydration
4. Drink many water
Outside of fasting time, for instance at dawn and after breaking the fast, drink enough water. Drink a glass every few hours between the time after breaking the fast until your meal. this is often to take care of an honest level of hydration in your body, and helps prevent bad breath once you are fasting during the day.

5. Gargle during the day
You can gargle during the day (as long as no water is swallowed on purpose) to affect xerostomia . Fortunately, you'll roll in the hay when performing ablution before praying (Dhuhr and Asr). this is often very helpful for treating xerostomia , which is that the main explanation for bad breath when fasting.

Onions and a few other sorts of food can cause bad breath.
6. Avoid certain foods
Yes. you'll prevent bad breath once you are fasting by avoiding some special foods which will cause bad breath. Among these are onions (especially raw onions), sharp-scented spices, bananas and jengkol, and spicy foods (spicy foods make the mouth dry).

7. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables
Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help fight bad breath. Some that are worth a try are apples, watermelons, bananas, pears, basil, parsley, green tea, and peppermint leaves.

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